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Singing to the Fruits of the Spirit
To heal the heart, body, mind and soul...


''Her voice has been called ''milk and honey to the ears'' and you can't help but feel joyful, inspired and ready to sing your

own songs, once you hear ''Sing Trece''

Some know her as Elbonee some as La'Trece but any soul that heard her voice will say


Trece travels nationally and internationally throughout the year. She has traveled the European area since 2010 where she sang in New York Mass Choir under David Bratton's guidance where the opportunity for the choir was able to sing background vocals on stage for Dionne Warwick (Malta Christmas Live 2010) and the late Al Jarreau (Malta Christmas Live 2011) just to name a few. Trece also had the pleasure of going on tour with the Great LouVaine Demps (From The Andantes from Motown Records) to Norway in 2015; again just to name a few. Trece has freelanced her voice to many bands such works with a local band in Ithaca NY called “Stone Cold Miracle”. Which made honorable mention for her voice and overall band in the Ithaca Journal.

Trece was vocally trained in opera and gospel but is also proficient in jazz, blues, and R&B. At age 20, she became the youth choir director at YMCA in Erie Pa. This started a long journey of working with many youth programs over the last 25yrs which caused her start her own music programs called SingTrece Music Poetry Program.


Trece released a couple albums with amazing outstanding reviews, since the release, it is still in heavy rotation today on WERG 90.5 ( Erie Pa) and 92 WICB (Ithaca, NY) as well as other stations on the East Coast.


Trece has preformed in many theatrical roles: Dream Girls (where she played Effie),
From the Blues to the Bible (played Ruby Pearl), The Wiz ( as Glinda the good witch) and Crowns

(as Velma, a hat Queen)


Trece earlier years getting started she opened for many r&b artist and many major comedians. Recently she opened for Travis Smiley (American talk show host, author, liberal political commentator, entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist) , Dorothy Cotton (a leader in
the 1960s African-American Civil Rights Movement) and Everett Drake (known from Bobby Jones BET show).... again just to name a few.

Trece is active in her community summer programs for state and federal youth detention center,
offering time for young people to use art to express themselves in a positive manner. Trece is now focusing on Workshops and her plays “A Light with a Purpose”; “The Wedding” and “Life... A Gift Given”.


Trece grew up fast, but through the mist, she learned that her gift of song was a light that had a purpose.
Through music she is able to encourage and inspire with every note she belts out so effortlessly with every song she writes or ask to sing. SingTrece is now living her dream of doing what she loves which is changing hearts one positive note at a time.

"Stone Cold Miracle, the soul-funk-R&B band fronted by powerhouse singer Elbonee La'Trece Stevenson,

                                                             -Ithaca Journal

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